Who can list on this site?

We are currently only set up for use in english speaking countries.

Can I list anyway if i'm in another country?

Sure, but be aware that your listings will not show on the homepage, and we ask that you keep your listings in english. Please set your location as "somewhere else" in your profile.


Can I open multiple accounts?

Sure, if you want to create a new account for a new shop you can do so, just choose a new email address. Please note that we track IP's, and we are always on the look out for fraudulent activity, please don't use any other account to give yourself fake reviews, or make a new account if any of your other accounts have a negative star rating.

What are the stars next to my name?

Stars are given to you and taken away by other user's. Every user has the opportunity to rate another and in doing so will be able to choose a rating and leave a review. The rating will affect a user's number of stars like so:

1 star : (negative) : Loose 3 stars
2 stars : (negative) : Loose 1 star
3 stars : (positive) : Gain 3 stars
4 stars : (positive) : Gain 4 stars
5 stars : (positive) : Gain 5 stars

I believe i've been rated unfairly, what can I do?

Send your displayname and message timestamp to and we'll look into it.


Can I list my business or service?

Yes, you can list your business, website or your product to sell. Just choose the option that suits you best on the listing page.

What types of listings are there?

We have 3 listing types.

1. Link listing: This is for you to add anything you want to share to the directory, either it's your business or service which can be found locally - or your website. You could even share a link to your own newshopnow shop to get a boost in views.

2. Local listing: Sell anything you want locally, connect with people close to you. Organise your meets and rate each other afterwards.

3. Buynow listing: Buy and sell for crypto directly. Do not send money to anyone you don't trust. Newshopnow doesn't insure any purchase, check with each individual seller for their policies.


What are gems?

Gems are this websites currency, which you need to be able to create a listing.

How many Gems do I need to list?

It costs 20 Gems create a new listing.

How do I get Gems?

You get 60 free Gems when you sign up, giving you 3 free listings right from the start!

You can also get Gems by being active on the platform, for example you will receive +2 Gems every day you log in.

*coming soon* You can purchase Gems from your home dashboard.


1. No spam/low quality listings.
2. Nothing illegal. If it isn't on ebay, don't consider it.

What happens if I break the rules?

If you break the rules your offending listings will be removed, and you will receive a warning. If you continue to break the rules, your gems will be removed proportionate to the severity of your misuse, effectively taking away your ability to list.


How does this website use cookies?

We use cookies to store session data and to keep the website secure and functioning properly. None of your data will ever be shared by us, except with trusted third parties such as payment processors.

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